Cheryl, our two boys; Brett and Carter and myself own and operate our family operation that was settled in 1888.  Being that our boys are the 6th generation on this farm we want them to have the opportunity to one day take the reins if they so choose.  Therefore adhering to a strict set of ideals, resisting fads and creating real world value by embedding traits of economic value into the product we sell is imperative in developing a long lasting relationship with our customers.  You won't find our cattle to be breed leaders in any single trait.  Rather we strive for them to be optimal in all traits.  Balancing calving ease, maternal instincts, milking ability and reasonable growth in every mating we do makes for a longer producing more efficient and sustainable cow herd.

2009 saw a major shift to our program.  An expanding herd, the need to reduce labour and wanting to create a more useful product we made the decision to move our cows to a May/June calving program.  We now solely market fully developed two year old bulls.  They are slow grown to optimize health and proper development.  Having the full two years to develop them, they are never needed to be pushed.  The extra year also allows more time to scrutinize for any faults that may arise later.  This maximizes longevity, fertility and functionality in the product for our customers.