GBT Angus Bull Sale
March. 15,16,17, 2023

Since 2013 we have utilized an online bidding format to market our long yearling bulls. This venue has proven successful for us, our customers and our bulls. It’s cost effective, low stress and a fair way of valuing our offering without all the hubbub and confusion a live sale brings. Closer to sale time we picture and video each bull and add some pertinent foot notes and data on them and their dams. Look for our offering online 3-4 weeks prior to the sale at WWW.EDJEAUCTIONS.COM or better yet, come view them in person anytime!

What to expect from our bull’s:
We believe in true representation and do not clip our bull’s hair or trim their feet - ever. They are burly, hard muscled cowboy bulls ready for the real world. We never push for excessive gains, so you won’t find those typical fat waddling type here. Just properly developed, guaranteed sound and presented as bulls should be.

Bull development timeline:
  • December-January: After weaning, calves are put on free choice hay and allowed access to a natural, molasses based mineral tub and either a light pellet or grain ration to meet but not exceed energy requirements. We typically look for 2 pound per day gains. This tends to grow them nicely without putting on excess flesh.
  • April-September: Weather dependant, winter feeding is typically complete by mid April and cattle are moved to stockpiled perennial pastures with a good quality free choice loose mineral. Cattle are then seamlessly transitioned to summer grazing as the green spring flush begins to dominate the forage sward. From here to fall dormancy, all cattle are dependant solely on the forage growth nature provides along with a high quality loose mineral.
  • October/November: We will reintroduce a pelleted ration while they remain on perennial forages. In 2018, we experimented with a salt limited pellet that could be fed free choice. With a bit of tweaking to the ration, we were able to get consumption reduced to about 1% of their body weight. This has proven to be both an efficient way to deliver added energy when pastures are ramping down in quality as well as a consistent rate to benefit the bulls gut health. Instead of “shocking” the rumen with a one-time load of energy like what happens in a once or twice a day fed ration, our bulls are metered throughout the whole 24hr period.
  • December: Weather dependant, November/December is when we move the bulls back home with pastures replaced by free choice alfalfa/grass or greenfeed hay.
  • April: After the bull sale, bulls left here are sent to stockpile forage until delivery.

*Bull sale is always the third Friday of March*

Terms/Delivery/Boarding/Insurance/Liability/Herd Health
  • Terms: Terms for the sale are cash or cheque to be payed upon receipt of invoice following sale. Funds are in Canadian dollars.
  • Delivery: Free delivery is offered within 400 km radius of GBT Angus on any purchases of cattle. Any additional mileage will be charged at $1/km. As things tend get busy during May, we prefer to complete deliveries prior to May.1st. Please discuss delivery arrangements with us.
  • Boarding: GBT will keep your purchase free of charge until April 1,2020. Required time thereafter, a charge of $3/day/animal will be charged. Please discuss your boarding requirements with us.
  • Insurance: We strongly encourage you to place insurance on your purchases immediately after the sale as we are not responsible for any death or injury whatsoever.
    Liability: GBT Angus, Trevor, Cheryl, Brett, Carter Branvold or any other person involved with them assume no responsibility for injury, damage or death to any person, possessions
    or belongings while visiting or handling cattle on or off our premises.
    Herd Health: All cattle selling have been vaccinated, wormed and passed a veterinarian inspection and semen evaluation.

Reference sires for 2023 sale- direct sons of GBT Elevate 1850, GBT Champion 1827, sons and grandsons of Sinclair Plains Boss 5BO2 and GBT X-Plus 1549.

GBT Winner 1724
AAA Reg# 19368829
  • Our selection to replace his sire. 1724 hails from the prepotent Cassie tribe who has proliferated throughout our herd, making up the bulk of our female inventory. Lineage reads about as intriguing as any with intense EXT influence through OCC Great Plains, Emulation XXP, Right Time and the good old originating Cassie 51F. Lodge of Wye rounds out the tabulation.
GBT Open Plains 1809
AAA Reg #19665078
  • Another selection we utilized as a yearling to sample within our herd. 1809 offers a tick more mass than his sire does. 1809 was the highest scoring bull on foot design, of all his pen mates that year. We sold him through our 2020 sale to good customers, Dave and Elaine Weightman.

GBT Champion 1827
AAA Reg# 19665080
  • We retained 1827 for ourselves and is serving as junior herd sire. He replaces his good sire, Chez. The maternal and efficiency goodness of his dam played a heavy role in his selection. She just does no wrong and cranks out the good ones every single year. Interesting note: dam is intensely line bred with an inbreeding coefficient of 26.56%. Full brother to 1827 is working in northern Alberta for Andrew and Vivian Miller. 1827 is co-owned with Running Rabbit Ranching.
GBT Champion 1824
AAA Reg #19665079
  • It sure is gratifying to see these bulls we sample as yearlings turn out some good progeny for us! I think many will agree, this is a nice sire group. Very nice muscle dimension, do-ability and capacity-but that comes as no surprise, considering the Jestress cow family is backing up the pedigree. Maternal brother to 1824 sells as lot 2005! His mom, 1639 is one of my favorites. Would probably be a good idea to hold back one of these sons for ourselves. 1824 sold to Bluestone Stock Farms in our 2020 sale.

Sinclair Plains Boss 5BO2
AAA Reg# 18152044
  • An impressive individual with the trademark Emulation extension and fluid movement. 5BO2 is as royally bred as they come, tracing 45 times to the maternal phenom, Emulation 31. The benefits of linebreeding are many and consistency is one trait he shows great promise with. His progeny have a quick growth rate without excessive mature size and pack a genetic maternal punch. His daughters are showing excellent potential for attractive udder design and are weaning solid calves.