Bull Sale
March. 16 and 17, 2023

Welcome to our ranch, online! We are glad you dropped by to visit our site. We hope this format is insightful and informative to what we do around the ranch.

We are located on the fringe of the parkland, north of Wawota. Here, we raise our family and livestock on the family farm that was settled in the late 1800’s. Our herd of registered Aberdeen Angus currently consists of about 140 breeding females. As an addition, we compliment the balance of our business with 4-500 stocker grass cattle during the summer grazing season. The ranch currently consists of 2640 acres of owned and rented property. It is a mix of native and tame forages with a small portion utilized to grow annual crops for winter grazing. Management techniques include short, intensive graze periods with extensive rest/recovery. We utilize native and tame forage stockpile, bale, corn, cover crop and swath grazing that all revolve around regenerative practices where the cattle are our tools to profitably build a resilient ecosystem.

Our seedstock program is based on a no-frills management style unique to the purebred industry. Quite simply, we manage our cow herd to fit their environment rather than fitting the environment to the cows. Taking this approach has built us a herd of mother cows that produce bulls with the genetic ability to pass on those BALANCED traits. *SEE MORE ABOUT OUR COWHERD UNDER THE “FEMALES” TAB*

If you have any further questions or would just like to just chat the business of cows, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email. Our contacts:
Trevor cell: 306-577-9141
Cheryl: 306-435-7785
house: 306-739-2924
email: [email protected]
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