Our cowherd has become the proving grounds behind our bulls. Not pampered, they are run in conditions like our commercial cattle producers - maybe even tougher. This way, the resulting bulls are genetically capable of having a positive effect where they are used. From calving to milk and maternal intelligence to calf vigour and reasonable growth, our herd has no extremes. They are genetically balanced by the stiff culling measures a hands-off environment lends. All but the most adapted get weeded out very quickly. Every replacement female who passes a soundness evaluation then gets served for a 60-day period. They must then calve and nurse unassisted and wean a healthy live calf every year-no free rides. We don’t favour poor doers, infertility, structure or disposition issues. We DO adopt a one strike and your out policy!

A little herd history:
Our herd of registered Angus was started with the purchase of a few 1991 model bred heifers. In the following few years we added other foundation stock, who to this day remarkably still influence our cow herd. Those matriarchs are; Mayflower, through Samsons Mayflower 29C, Blossom, through Bar B Blossom 7E and Daisey, through 2J Daisey 21E. Later, others were added such as Cassie, through Bievers Cassie 51F, Lady Lynn, through Bievers Lady Lynn 53F, Lass, through Springview M’Brook Lass 1M and Jestress, through Aitken Acres Jestress 11P.

25+ years later, it is interesting to witness the families that flourished in our program. Not a cattleman out there could have predicted which cows those were. That humbled us and have adopted the philosophy that outside of culling for obvious soundness issues, our environment will have the highest hand at sorting our cattle. This long-standing approach has let the cream rise to the top, leaving us a very functional, adapted set of cows for our extremely variable climate.